Data and analytics

Exchange Quotations

Every month Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange OJSC publishes exchange quotations of OTC quotations. It is done in accordance with the Regulations on Registration of OTC Transactions in order to inform all the interested sides about the commodities price level at the Belarusian off-exchange market.

For reference: Outdated exchange quotations and price results are transferred to the electronic archieve.

Pricing factors are the main parameters for exchange quotations calculation and they are the same for both exchange and OTC transactions. The factors include commodities characteristics, minimal consignment volume, delivery basis and payment terms.

Exchange quotation is given only for reference. It cannot be the orienting point for exchange market participants for it doesn’t include certain indicators indirectly influencing the cost of commodity – delivery terms, number of payment delay days, prepayment percentage, distance to the delivery place, additional product characteristics (for example, the way of metal surface treatment, protein percentage of oilcake, antiseptic impregnation of sawn timber, etc.). What’s more, off-exchange market has some other peculiarities, such as deep cooperation ties between customer and seller, granting considerable discounts for large consignments of goods, and so on.

The influence of indirect factors is leveled out in case all the data about OTC transactions are registered in full and on time. In other case it influences the objectivity of exchange quotations at the certain time periods.