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Exchange Brokers Ratings

This section informs you about business activity ratings of exchange brokers for period from January 1st till December 31st of 2015.

Basically, rating is a list of organizations ranked in descending order and based on one or several factors determining the activity. Rating of customers and sellers of main commodity groups is calculated on basis of exchange transactions volume. It stimulates the activity of organizations that approved themselves at the exchange platform and the rest of the clients. Besides, such information may become one of the evaluation criteria of potential of your company's trading partners.

If you want to use the services of an exchange broker, broker organizations rating can help you to choose a trustworthy representative of your company's interests. The information is divided into trading sections and is supplemented with figures showing the number of transactions and active clients. It will help to compare and evaluate the results of their work at the exchange on rendering services on the following criteria: 

  • Number of active exchange broker clients, for whose benefit the exchange transactions were made.
  • Number of exchange transactions made by exchange broker for the benefit of his clients.
  • Volume of exchange transactions (estimated in BYR) made by exchange broker for the benefit of his clients.
  • Evaluation can be exercised either within the scope of separate exchange market segments (metal products, timber, agriculture products) or within the scope of the whole exchange.