Data and analytics

Dynamics Indexes


Dynamics indexes are one of the essential instruments of any analytical research.

Indexes can be either individual (developed for particular type of commodities taking into account necessary extra parameters) or group (including a number of uniform parameters). Both types graphically show price tendencies and sales volume dynamics of main commodity groups sold at the exchange platform.

Individual indexes precisely display price and volume dynamics of particular commodities. Group (or aggregated) parameters are simpler and more demonstrative and this helps to understand the whole scheme.

Due to high concentration of commodities at the exchange platform the parameters show the change of the market situation in the whole country. This information is required by CEOs of major companies (including state ones) and state administration authorities. It may be useful either for retrospective analysis or for forecast models development.

As an option, we can work out an index based on commodities groups you are interested in, considering essential criteria. You should use the service of individual selection on request for it.