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Auctions 21.11.2017

Trading time Commodity group
09:30 Meal and cake of oil-bearing crops (import, on domestic market)
10:00 Ferrous metals and products thereof (on domestic market)
10:00 Cable and wire production (on domestic market)
10:00 Plywood, partical board, fiber board, oriented strand board (on domestic market)
10:00 Timber for Russian domestic market
10:30 Sunflower, soy and rape meal (cake), feed additives, vegetable oils, cereals, plant-protecting agents (import, on domestic market)
14:00 Non-ferrous metals and products thereof (on domestic market)
14:00 Buying metal from the seller's warehouse (on domestic market)
14:30 Board edging (not edging) (for export)
Tare timber (for export)
Wood chips fuel (for export)
14:30 Products of processing of oilseeds (for export)