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Auctions 22.01.2019

Trading time Commodity group
09:30 Meal and cake of oil-bearing crops (import, on domestic market)
10:00 Ferrous metals and products thereof (on domestic market)
10:00 Cable and wire production (on domestic market)
10:00 Plywood, partical board, fiber board, oriented strand board (on domestic market)
10:30 Sunflower, soy and rape meal (cake), feed additives, vegetable oils, cereals, plant-protecting agents (import, on domestic market)
14:00 Non-ferrous metals and products thereof (on domestic market)
14:00 Buying metal from the seller's warehouse (on domestic market)
14:30 firewood (for export)
Board edging (not edging) (for export)
cylindrical products (for export)
Tare timber (for export)
Briquettes of wood fuel (for export)
Wood chips fuel (for export)
Technic wood chips (for export)
wooden pags (for export)
Planting material, seeds
Wood chips (for export)
14:30 Prepared timber (on domestic market) (damaged wood)
14:30 Products of processing of oilseeds (for export)