About Us

Primary Objectives and Functions


  • Working out a trading mechanism that puts into practice the most transparent system of transactions' conclusion on the basis of free price formation and free auctions by the rules in place
  • Building a favorable competitive environment for buyers and sellers
  • Enhancing the efficiency of Belarusian manufacturers' export and stability of their supply of raw materials
  • Setting up public procurement
  • Formation of realistic prices for material resources strategically important for the state and other types of exchange commodities, conducting monitoring of pricing factors.
  • Preparing price quotations for exchange commodities and creating reliable sources of information on the situation in the wholesale market
  • Increasing the degree of predictability and manageability of exchange commodity markets
  • Simplifying the search for prospective suppliers and consumers, cutting down the time required to register contractual relationships, related documents and mutual settlements
  • Arranging trading activity, increasing business activity of economic entities, developing market infrastructure
  • Providing participants of the exchange trade with security against nonfulfillment of exchange transactions
  • Participation in organization and development of electronic wholesale trade in the Republic of Belarus
  • Expanding the list of exchange commodities and introduction of new exchange instruments
  • Setting up mutually beneficial ties with the international exchange community