About Us

Mission and Development Priorities


  • Expansion of the organized wholesale commodity market in the Republic of Belarus
  • Improving turnover efficiency
  • Perfecting government regulation of domestic and foreign wholesale trade
  • Participation in the development of the financial market in the country
  • Strengthening economic stability and security of the Republic, growth of its economic potential
  • Implementation of integration processes in the exchange markets of partner countries


  • Expansion of trade and integration of commodity markets of post-Soviet countries
  • Constant direct networking with embassies of the Republic of Belarus and through them with large foreign manufacturers and consumers of exchange commodities
  • Participation in the work of intergovernmental bodies and international organizations on issues falling within the competence of the Exchange
  • Opening up representation offices of the Exchange in the CIS and non-CIS countries
  • Developing co-operation between exchanges
  • Developing co-operation with exchange structures within the framewo