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Foreign Economic Priorities


  • Agreements with foreign exchanges on the following areas of co-operation:
    • Rendering reciprocal services on organization of an access for accredited participants to the parties' exchange platforms,
    • Exchange of information and analytical data on exchange commodity markets and technologies, used during ex-change auctions and information processing,
    • Exchange of experience on various aspects of the exchange trade development.
  • Co-operation with international organizations with the purpose of creating and developing the futures commodity market in the Republic of Belarus.
  • Co-operation with the world's leading information agencies and exhibition centres with the purpose of forming an image of Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange among perspective clients abroad:
    • Organizing and conducting educational seminars, held to show advantages of concluding transactions at exchange auctions,
    • Participation in and positioning of the Exchange at international and republican specific forums, exhibitions, etc.,
    • Preparing and distributing educational materials.
  • Information co-operation with the leading national and foreign analytic agencies, allowing to exchange current information for impartial analyses of the exchange commodities market conditions, implementation of new instruments for distribution of the exchange information, promotion of information sale services.
  • Improvement of commercial and logistic infrastructure to provide better access to the Exchange's trading platform and possibilities to use a wide range of services, rendered by logistics centres.
  • Dynamic advertising and PR policies in foreign process-specialized periodicals, in the Internet (also with the help of electronic resources of the Exchange's partners).
  • Implementation of projects on regional electronic trading platforms creation in cooperation with foreign partner organizations in order to develop trade and economic relations and incre-ase foreign trade volumes of the Republic of Belarus.