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Electronic Trading System


The unique Automated System of Auctions Support (ASAS) is the technical foundation for conducting electronic exchange auctions at Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange.

ASAS is designed for complex automation of all necessary operations on the trading platforms of the commodity exchange powered by contemporary information technologies.

ASAS is a hardware and software complex, providing all basic procedures of the exchange technology: input, storage, trading data processing, conclusion of exchange transactions, exchange quotations calculation, etc.

ASAS facilitates special-purpose exchange auctions with agriculture, timber, metal, as well as conducting electronic auctions with industrial and consumer goods of any kind.

The main task of ASAS as the exchange instrument is to increase the intensity (performance) of exchange auctions, i.e. to supply exchange auctions participants with a chance to conclude more exchange transactions in a shorter period of time. This task is solved in

ASAS with the help of a mechanism of there being many auctions of the same type, conducted in parallel, where auctions participants can take part in any single one simultaneously.

The electronic heart of ASAS is the Data Processing Centre (DPC). It's designed to secure stable operation of software applications that automate basic technological processes of the Exchange and possesses performance data, sufficient for effective fulfillment of these processes.

The aims behind the setting-up of DPC are as follows:

  • holding exchange auctions at a high level,
  • increasing coordination and efficiency of the exchange trade processes,
  • prompt provision to all auctions participants with all the necessary information,
  • providing exchange of information among auctions participants,
  • securing preparation and realization of exchange auctions,
  • providing interaction with external networks of data transfer,
  • information security of the exchange trade.