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Electronic Trading System


  • Contains 16 processors, each delivery capacity — 1,8 GHz
  • Random access memory (RAM) has size 64 GB
  • Operating System — HP-UX (Unix)

Database Management System — Oracle Server Enterprise (Edition 10g):

  • Enables simultaneous work of up to 3500 traders
  • Complies with strict database response time requirements
  • Application Servers (29 pcs) implement all applied problems of the trading system. High-scale fault tolerance. High availability for service.
  • Data Storage System is 15TB, which is enough for the trading system and the whole infrastructure of the Exchange.
  • Data Backup System is 40TB. It provides data archiving of all the past auctions and is highly failsafe.
  • Active Networking Equipment from Hewlett-Packard (HP ProCurve 8212 zl) provides aggregate throughput of the computer network of 10 GB/sec.