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Data Processing Centre operation is secured by Information System and Engineering Systems.

Information System is structurally divided into the following subsystems:

  • Server Hardware Subsystem including:
    • Database Servers (storing and processing databases, data transfer to application servers or work stations),
    • Application Servers (application processes, interaction with clients),
    • Directory Service Servers (hold key information about network users, provide establishment/maintenance of Name Zone),
    • File Servers (grant the multiple access to a disk space and File Service System),
    • Servers for subsystem monitoring & hardware control).
  • Data Storage Subsystem (built with the Storage Area Network architecture and Fibre Channel technology).
  • Data Reserve Copying Subsystem responsible for creation and storage of copies of all data to be reserved.
  • Communication Hub responsible for linking DPC hardware with information networks of Exchange.
  • Monitoring & Steering Subsystem (for control of computing platforms and applications).

Engineering System is structurally divided into the following subsystems:

  • Power Distribution Subsystem (provides power consumption to DPC equipment).
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply Subsystem composed of uninterruptable power supply units (for short-time outages of no longer than 30 minutes) and a diesel-generator set (for several days' power outages).
  • Precision Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Subsystem (provides execution of climatic conditions for DPC).
  • Fire Alarm and Suppression Subsystem (early fire warning detectors and halon fire suppression units).
  • Structured Cabling Subsystem (energy cables and low-tension cables).
  • Access Control Subsystem.