About Belarus

Political System

Belarus is an unitary democratic social and law state. Belarus is a presidential republic. The President of the Republic of Belarus is the Head of State, the guarantor of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. The President personifies the unity of the nation, guarantees the implementation of the main guidelines of the domestic and foreign policy, represents the Republic of Belarus in relations with other states and international organizations. 

The legislative power is exercised by a bicameral parliament – the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus. The lower chamber is the House of Representatives; the upper chamber is the Council of the Republic. The Parliament is elected for four years.

Executive power in the country is exercised by the government – the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus – which is the central body of state administration. The Prime Minister is the head of government. In its activity the government is accountable to the President and responsible to the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus. The government relinquishes powers to the President-elect of the Republic of Belarus.

Judicial power in the Republic of Belarus is vested in courts. The judicial system is based on the principles of territorial delineation and specialization. The judicial system consists of the Constitutional Court and a system of courts of general jurisdiction. Review of the constitutionality of normative acts in the state is exercised by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus. The Supreme Court is a leading court of general jurisdiction and a supreme judicial body which handles civil, criminal, administrative and economic cases.