About Belarus


Geographical position

Belarus is landlocked country in Eastern Europe

Geographical co-ordinates

Belarus is allocated between 23.18° and 32.77° Eastern longitude both 51.26° and 56.17° Northen latitude. Expedient geographical position for conferrings West – East, North – South

Total area

207600 sq km. It places Belarus 13th among European countries. Belarus is bigger than Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Czech Republic, and some other European states.

State border

The total length of the country state border exceeds 3500 km. It stretches for 560 km (348 miles) from North to South and for 650 km (404 miles) from East to West. Belarus shares its border with Russia (959 km) on the North and the East, with Ukraine (891 km) on the South, with Poland (605 km) on the West and with Lithuania (502 km) and Latvia (141 km) on the Northwest

Time zone

Central European Time Zone: UTC + 3 hours. Belarus 12:00 = Moscow 13:00 = London 10:00 = Paris 11:00 = New York 05:00 = Los Angeles 02:00


The city of Minsk located in the centre of the country (53.902453°,27.561168°), on crossroad of transport mains. The largest Belarusian transport node. The cultural center of the country. Here all official bodies, industrial enterprises, social and cultural objects are disposed. By the way, Hamburg and Dublin are located approximately at the same latitude.

Distances from Minsk

to Moscow – 715 km (444 miles), to Warsaw – 565 km (351 ml.), to Berlin – 1120 km (696 ml.), to Vienna – 1255 km (780 ml.), to Paris – 2195 km (1364 ml.), to London – 2200 km (1367 ml.), to Madrid – 3300 km (2051 ml.)